NZ Carriers Breaking Call Forwarding

September 10, 2021
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Updated 18th Dec.

Edit 18 Dec 1:00pm: Issue resolved for 2degrees customers.This month a change in NZ telco's systems has caused a significant issue with Vxt where a large number of users are unable to receive voicemail.To receive your voicemail we have you set up call forwarding to a centralized number.

When a call is forwarded from your device the call has meta-data including the number of the call recipient (i.e you). For a significant amount of users this metadata is persistently missing from forwarded calls which means we are unable to identify who a voicemail is for (when this happens we do not allow a voicemail to be left). 

To the best of our knowledge this issue is affecting customers on all networks.  This is a really major issue for us and to the best of our knowledge it is affecting all other companies who use call forwarding in New Zealand.  This is affecting approximately 10% of Vxt users.

We have a fix

We will be releasing a work around for this issue as fast as possible. The solution requires a dedicated voicemail number for each user. At this stage this will only be available for paid users due to cost. On a more positive note, this fix will allow those on Vodafone On Account plans and similar who weren't previously able to use Vxt to do so.

We are also working with 2degrees, Vodafone NZ and are reaching out to Spark to develop a permanent solution to this issue for all Vxt users. Thank you for your patience. - Luke Campbell

 CEO, Vxt

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