Improvements to Vxt Pro and Vodafone On Account, Red+ etc Issue Resolved

September 10, 2021
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Vxt Release 2.2.0

Updated Jan 14th 2020: Vxt 2.2.0 was rolled back due to crashing issue. Expected release 17th Jan at the latest.Updated Jan 18th 2020: Vxt 2.2.0 is live as of this morning.Updated March 26th 2020: Vodafone On Account issue resolved by Vxt & Vodafone. Users on these plans no longer need a Personal inbox number to use Vxt.

Warning: If the solution in this article doesn't work for you, you may be facing another issue(s) on top of the problem described here. We are ready and able to resolve these for you and would love to help, so reach out to us at

Another one bites the dust! Our team is back to work this week and with us is a new update. The latest release includes some big improvements for users on Vxt Pro and a fix to an issue that has stopped Vodafone customers with On Account and other business plans from using Vxt.  

Our team consistently reviews our plans and prices in order to deliver the most value to our users whilst maintaining a sustainable business. With this release we have not only slashed the price of Vxt Pro from $19.99 to $12.99 but included an awesome new feature which allows users on the plan to request a personal inbox number for their voicemail. Ordinarily all voicemail through Vxt comes through a single phone number and from there we automatically send them to the appropriate users account. This setup comes with a few significant benefits for us including simplicity and cost. For our users this new feature means that you can forward voicemail from any and all of your phones, including landlines to a single inbox. It also resolves the issue for Vodafone customers on On Account plans which means if you've been patiently waiting to use Vxt you're good to go.

Unfortunately, the cost of acquiring a personal inbox number for each user means that we can only provide this feature to those on Vxt Pro.

To setup your own personal inbox number, on the settings screen, hit Manage account.

At the bottom of the Manage account screen, select Personal inbox number.

Follow the on screen instructions and as always if you run into any issues get in touch with the team at

The update also includes a variety of smaller improvements and bug fixes.

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