Vxt Announces Integration with Clio for Smarter Legal Communications  

July 7, 2022
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Together Vxt and Clio will empower lawyers to be client-centered and firm-focused, simplifying firm management so lawyers can spend more time doing what they do best— practicing law.

CHRISTCHURCH, NZ, May 16, 2022 /PRWire/ - Vxt, a smart communications platform purpose-built for lawyers, now integrates with Clio - the world's leading provider of cloud-based legal software. Featuring voice and video calling, transcription, and voicemail tools, Vxt leverages communications data to automate administrative work. Its partnership with Clio will help lawyers save time and build better client relationships.

Clio’s cloud-based legal technology platform helps  law firms deliver exceptional client experiences while operating more efficiently through the entire customer journey. With over 200 app integration partners, Clio offers lawyers tailored workflows specific to their practice needs, transforming legal services from intake to invoice.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Clio,” said Luke Campbell, CEO, and Co-founder, Vxt. “We are both providing innovative solutions to law firms worldwide. With this partnership, Vxt can continue to bring our time-saving and easy-to-use features to more lawyers and improve communications for a better future.” 

Improving Lawyer-Client Relations

Founded in 2018, Vxt provides a competitive advantage to legal professionals with its harmonious app integrations, better call track record, logging, file notes and encrypted data storage. Now integrated with Clio, firms can automatically capture and record time directly in their Clio account. Legal professionals can:

  • Make communications flexible and easy. The cloud-based phone system makes it easier to work remotely, giving teams access to innovative communication tools built for lawyers 
  • Save as much as $50,000 of otherwise wasted time annually per lawyer. Vxt automates non-billable time away so fee earners can spend more time generating business. 
  • Avoid expensive training and updates. Vxt is easy to use, and you can confidently make changes to your phone system and onboard new users without delay.

“Effective communication increases trust between lawyers and clients. Today’s legal professionals are increasingly relying on technology for an efficient, collaborative, and secure solution,” said Jonathan Watson, Chief Technology Officer, Clio. “As an industry leader, Clio embraces strategic global partnerships to create an unparalleled ecosystem. We are delighted to team up with Vxt, a powerful cloud-based communication platform. With this integration, we’re introducing new capabilities to our existing solutions, empowering law firms with complete mobility, expediting legal processes while providing client confidentiality.”

The Vxt integration with Clio is now available.

About Vxt

Vxt’s mission is to automate administrative work and leave people with more time to complete meaningful tasks and enjoy life. Founded in New Zealand by then-university students Luke Campbell and Lucy Turner, Vxt has grown from a simple voicemail app to a fully-fledged communications platform for lawyers. Now Vxt has 10,000+ users all over the world and is expanding its software to feature top-of-the-line features and tools for lawyers. In 2021 and 2022, Vxt was named a Matchstiq Top 50 and Top 100 company, stamping Vxt as one of the best startups to work in Aotearoa, New Zealand. The ambitious and hard-working team at Vxt continues to innovate and provide customers with the best service possible and is excited to expand its reach. Learn more at vxt.co.nz

Media Contact:

Suzy Ahn, Marketing

+64 3 288 2223  |  content@vxt.co.nz

About Clio

Clio is transforming the legal experience for all through cloud-based and client-centered legal technology. Clio has become a company to watch on a global scale after securing a CA$6M Series B investment in 2012 by German-based Acton Capital, a CA$20M Series C investment in 2014 by Bessemer Venture Partners and one of the largest investments in legaltech and Canadian history in 2019 with a US$250M Series D funding round led by TCV and JMI Equity. In 2021, Clio made history again by becoming the first legal practice management unicorn globally with a US$110M Series E investment led by funds and accounts advised by T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. and OMERS Growth Equity. Learn more at clio.com.

Media Contact:

Juliet Mafua, Senior Public Relations Specialist


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