Vxt Lands in Australia! 🎉

September 10, 2021
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Vxt Release 2.4.0

Crikey, this month we have officially flown the ditch and landed in Australia. For any of you blokes or sheilas who've been waiting, no more. Download Vxt on the App Store or Play Store today.

We're not done yet! With this update we have fixed some bugs and optimised the app in a variety of ways. You'll also notice new transcription confidence ratings on your messages. The new ratings are a measure of how confidence we are of the transcriptions accuracy. A few users have recently reported that Vxt has been a bit slower than they're used to recently and we've noticed. For the next update we'll be working on the speed of the app and some other general stuff. As per usual you can stay up to date here on our website or any of our social media channels.

Vodafone xone Partner Series Update

As you might already know Vxt is one of just five companies in New Zealand to be participating in the Vodafone xone accelerator programme for 2020. Recently, our team has been spending a lot of time working with the fantastic people at Vodafone and BNZ to see how we can work together to make the lives of busy people a little bit easier.

On top of our usual discussions we're working directly with Vodafone staff to overcome a few issues that we have had with the Voda network. If you'd like to stay up to date with our progress through the programme and beyond, watch this space.

As always we hope you're doing well and we'd love to hear from you, so get in touch at info@vxt.co.nz

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