How to Set Up Vxt if You're a Vodafone One Business Customer

September 10, 2021
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Usually, diverting your voicemail to Vxt isn't too complicated but with certain devices and systems, things aren't as easy as we'd like. If you use Vodafone One Business to manage the phone numbers for your business and you'd like to use Vxt for your voicemail this article will help you get set up.

We use missed call forwarding to get your voicemail which you can learn more about here.

If you're using Vodafone One Business your missed call forwarding settings are managed in the Vodafone One Business admin portal and cannot be changed on your device.

You can divert your voicemail to Vxt using the following three-step guide.

Step 1: Log in at

First, log in to Vodafone One Business and navigate to Vodafone Unified Comms via the Services tab at the top of the app.

Step 2: Select the phone number you're using with Vxt

Once you've found your way to the Vodafone Unified Comms page you should see all of the phone numbers managed through your Vodafone One Business service.

From here find the phone number(s) you'd like to use with Vxt, click the drop-down menu, and select features.

Step 3: Divert your missed calls to Vxt

The final step is to forward your missed calls to your Vxt inbox. If you have not set up a personal inbox number with your account, then we're going to forward your missed calls to +6439308026 (this number is New Zealand specific). Open the Vodafone One Business features named, Call Forwarding Busy, Call Forwarding No Answer, Call Forwarding Not Reachable and enter the number +6439308026 into the input box provided and press update for each.

If you have set up a personal inbox number then the instructions above will also work but instead of entering +6439308026, enter your personal inbox number which can be found in the mobile app & Vxt Web settings.

If you're unsure about anything in this guide or need help with anything else, reach out to our team at and we'll do our best :)

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