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VXT's VoIP technology meets the unique needs of litigation lawyers. VXT helps to simplify your workflow, automate administrative tasks, and enhance client communication, all while seamlessly integrating with your favorite legal platforms and case management software.

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Call recording and transcription

Record and transcribe calls automatically or turn recording on and off at a glance.

Automatic date, time and number detection

VXT recognises dates, times and phone numbers in messages allowing you to select them and complete follow up tasks quickly.

In call notes

Take notes throughout the call and save these to a particular candidate or matter in your CRM.

Call Recording and Transcription

In the world of litigation, accurate record-keeping is crucial. VXT's Call Recording and Transcription feature is your ally in keeping a record of important conversations. Easily record client calls for future reference and compliance purposes.

Time Recording Made Simple

Billing clients for your time is a fundamental part of litigation practice, but it doesn't have to be cumbersome. VXT's Time Recording feature automatically captures and records the time spent on client calls and other tasks directly within our platform.

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