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Our tailored phone system is designed to streamline your workflow, simplify administrative tasks, and improve client communication, all while seamlessly integrating with your preferred legal tools.

Features that


 law firms love

Contact syncing

Have personalized conversations by accessing the caller's name through contact syncing.

Contact management system

Manage hundreds of thousands of contacts easily inside of VXT.

Call recording and transcription

Record and transcribe calls automatically or turn recording on and off at a glance.

Effortless Contact Syncing

Understand who 's calling with VXT's Contact Syncing feature. Seamlessly synchronize your client contacts and important connections across various platforms and devices.

Time Recording and File Note Creation

In the world of immigration law accurate record-keeping is crucial. VXT's Call Recording and Transcription feature is your ally in keeping a record of important conversations. Easily record client calls for future reference.

See how

ASCO Legal

 simplified their communications.

In partnership with VXT, ASCO Legal has not only overcome communication challenges but also enhanced its client-centric focus. By seamlessly integrating with VXT, ASCO Legal has achieved efficiency, accessibility, and the ability to capture more billable time, ultimately redefining their client communication and experience.
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