Streamline Your Real Estate Legal Practice with VXT

Elevate your real estate law practice with VXT's VoIP system. Simplify communication, boost efficiency and enhance client service.

Features that

Real Estate

 law firms love

Call recording and transcription

Record and transcribe calls automatically or turn recording on and off at a glance.

Contact syncing

Have personalized conversations by accessing the caller's name through contact syncing.

Call routing

Manage high volumes of calls with flexible routing rules and warm or cold call transferring.

Effortless Time Recording

Elevate your real estate legal practice by having your calls logged automatically, simplifying billing and allowing you to focus on top-notch service. VXT makes real estate law easier.

File Note Creation

VXT's automatic file note creation ensures that you have comprehensive records of key interactions with clients and stakeholders. File notes will be automatically created after each call and saved to the relevant matter.

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Saunders & Co. Lawyers

 simplified their communications.

Saunders and Co, a prominent legal firm, transformed their communication efficiency with VXT's VoIP phone system, streamlining client interactions and enhancing their legal practice.
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