Annual Subscriptions & Upcoming Price Changes

September 8, 2021
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Updated 4th March: Annual subscriptions & related price changes will not be released until Friday the 26th of March.  We've made a lot of improvements to our platform over the past 6 months. In September we released smart greetings and secure shield, October bought Vxt Notes, and finally, in January, we released our largest update ever including improved transcription accuracy, multiple inbox support, inbox sharing, and improved non-mobile support. In early March, we're making changes to our pricing & plans to account for all of the recent improvements and help us transform telecommunications for our customers.  

Pricing changes for monthly subscriptionsFrom 26th March 2021, the prices of Vxt monthly subscriptions are changing. The Vxt Starter plan is increasing to $3 a month, the Vxt Basic plan to $8 a month, and Vxt Pro to $20 a month. We're constantly evolving Vxt for you. These price changes reflect the rapid development and increase in value we're delivering to customers.

Introduction of annual subscriptionsWhether it's to secure a discount, reduce billing admin, or for a more obscure reason, people often prefer annual subscriptions to monthly ones. From 26th March 2021, you'll have access to annual subscriptions on mobile & Vxt Web. Our annual subscriptions come with a discount of 25% when compared to monthly.

A graphic displaying new Vxt Voicemail pricing
Vxt Voicemail subscription pricing after 26th March 2021

On another note, we're aiming to release the first version of Vxt Call this month (February). You can sign up for early access to Vxt Call here.   Over the next few months, we'll also be releasing many integrations. If there are any integrations you'd particularly like to see please let us know. If you have any questions or concerns about anything covered in this article please direct them to, and our team will assist.

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