Forward to Multiple Emails & Aussie Personal Inbox Numbers

September 10, 2021
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Mobile release 2.8.0

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working hard improving our new web app, making the mobile app even better, and smashing out some projects behind the scenes!

Email forwarding - Multiple emails

We improved email forwarding so that you can forward your messages to as many emails as you choose. Try it out in settings!PS: Email forwarding is only available to users on Vxt Basic & above.

Personal inbox numbers - Now available in Australia

(Updated Jan 2021)Here’s one for our Aussie users - personal inbox numbers (PINs). PINs have been available for New Zealanders on Vxt Pro for quite some time, but now our mates across the ditch can benefit too! This means you’ll be able to have multiple phones redirect to your inbox e.g your work phone, landline, or if you share an inbox with someone else. As of January 2021 personal inbox numbers are no longer supported/providedContact syncing - New featureFrom now on you are able to sync your contacts with Vxt to see contact names in push notifications, emails, on Vxt Web and other places.

The update also includes a variety of smaller improvements and bug fixes.

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As always, if you run into any issues get in touch with the team at

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